When you donate or make any purchase at the Mat Bevel Store, you support fine-art content with a higher purpose. All proceeds will be used to produce a new Internet TV show called Bevel Café that takes place in the magical world of Beveldom, “a lost land of found objects.” Here, thousands of discarded objects come back into the flow of creation and find new life in The Junk Universe as costumes, characters and instruments of the Mat Bevel philosophy.

You’ll receive wisdom from the junk kinetic sculptures like Sharka, Lover Boy, Americana Duck and Hemo, the seven-foot mosquito. You’ll see Beveldom’s 52 resident characters—Major Metamorphosis, Walter Ego, Dr. Paradox and Jester Physics—demonstrate humankind’s greatest potential, the power of kinetics!

This large cast of characters, some played by artist/scientist Ned Schaper and others by his mechanical puppets, will delight your senses with their refreshing perspectives on relationships, family, nature, energy, resourcefulness, conservation and so much more.

In Beveldom, you’ll let go of disbelief and tap into the universal magic all around you and within you.